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Would you like to supercharge your business with data? Start buidling your own B.I. solutions? Or set-up a team? We help you out.

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You want your own B.I. platform, but how do you realize that?

Your company is growing, and steering on gut-feel is becoming less effective, we help you out in your road towards a full B.I. landscape.

You want to set-up a B.I. team, but where do you start?

Ofcourse you are able to do alot yourself. Setting up a B.I. team might require a wide range of expertise. We help you finding out what you need.

You want to be in control when it is about cost, margin and revenues.

having a solid overview becomes trickier the larger you become. With some quick dashboards and data insights, you will get grip on your business.

It seems impossible to find good data-professionals

It is a tough market. Data and IT-experts are less and less available. We can have the team to help you out based on your needs.

Also want to grow your Business Intelligence?

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Want to build your own data-platform?

You are used to take alot of decisions based on some facts combined with gut-feel. That works out pretty well until your business continues to grow and competition becomes more fierce.

Time to start investing in data and B.I. to improve the decisions you take in your company. We help you out with end to end solutions, so you can focus on your business.

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Diverse team analyzing data

Want to build your own B.I. Team?

Building a full data landscape requires many skills. It will take some time to hire the employees.

Which expertise do you need? How many different types of vacancies need to be filled. We have the expertise to help you, and deliver the (remote) employees.

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Sometimes you need to search to find out what your company needs. We prevent that you make choices now which you might regret later on in the process.

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What can a B.I. platform cost in data and or time? How do you look at offers of suppliers? We help you out.

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Within a few days we will get back to you with a stepped approach including a roadmap to ensure the next steps are crystal clear.

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Why some customers preferr support

Q#1 Why a data driven organization?

a.  A lot of big companies are quite advanced in data driven work, it simplifies processes, and will assure better informed decision making within the company. Next to that it ensures one can track the goals of the company. Data driven work has become the new standard.

Q#2: What is a data-driven organization?

You take decisions based on data, alot is automated, you know your company based on insights, you are able to look ahead financially and commercially.

By working data-driven you are able to make faster and more effective decisions within your company. Sometimes you could even automate decisions with A.I.

Q#3 Is working data-driven secure?

Yes- of course everything has to be arranged to be secure. Data has to be encrypted in transit and at rest. Current tooling enables security and we can design it to your security standards.

Q#4 What do I gain by working data-driven?

The organization will be able to make a big leap forward by becoming data-driven, the main points are:

Q#5 What will be the data residency?

Data residency is determined by you and law (GDPR). The main location will be europe/Netherlands. We can determine the location of the data together.