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"We help to make company data from all different data sources clear, complete, and accurate.

This way, you make decisions based on data - not on a gut feeling."

Finance Software and Salary software

NucleusBI integrates with all common accounting software and payroll packages. Is your package not listed here? We would be happy to discuss the possibilities for integrating with your package.





The benefits of Connectors

Better and quicker decision making

By collecting, integrating, and analyzing data from various sources in real-time, you quickly obtain a comprehensive view of your business performance.

This enables you to rapidly anticipate changes and make better decisions based on a complete overview.

Betere en Snellere Besluitvorming
Datakwaliteit Geborgd Door Monitoring

Data quality ensured through monitoring.

Linking data sources is more than just a press of a button. To ensure that all data is properly linked and loaded correctly, we monitor all data flows from start to finish. This ensures the quality of your data remains safeguarded.

Data tailored to your needs

Connectors enable the collection and integration of data from various sources, allowing you to customize data analysis according to your specific needs, KPIs, and strategy.

Data Op Maat Voor Jouw Behoeften
Boost je klanttevredenheid

Save time and money

Manually collecting, entering, and validating data is a time-consuming task. With connectors, you can automate this entire process.

This also reduces the chance of human errors and makes it easier and faster to find the right information.

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What our clients say

"We are delighted with NucleusBI's support. It's fun to work with them. They are flexible, think in possibilities and are critical of why you want to build what. It has resulted in a very clear dashboard. We have good insight and can manage our data!"

Fennie Lansbergen - Oogst

Fennie Lansbergen

Founder Oogst

"NucleusBI has been an outstanding partner for Contentoo in building from scratch our data infrastructure. Very impressed by the quality of the work delivered and the professional ways of working. I highly recommend NucleusBI."

Ron van Valkengoed

Ron van Valkengoed

CTO Contentoo

"Looking for a strong business insights partner to help you grow your business? Then I highly recommend working with NucleusBI. "

Onno Halsema

Onno Halsema

CEO Contentoo

"NucleusBI's capabilities are of a very high standard. The cooperation was of very high quality, our requirements were accurately defined and the insights and take-outs were delivered in high quality and at the agreed time."

Bastian Gröppel

Bastian Gröppel

Manager Distribution & Sales Planning Focus bij Kalkhoff Bikes