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Data Maturity Model

Wat is Data Maturity?

Data Maturity is a way to determine what role data plays in your business. The use of data in decision-making, management or your strategy determines how ‘mature’ your company is in terms of data-driven work.

This level of maturity is measurable in our Data Maturity Model. How advanced your company is in working in a data-driven manner determines the Data Maturity of your company.

Successful companies work in a data-driven way. They base their decision making and strategy on data. Gut feelings and sentiment are not taken into consideration and the strategy is completely designed from data.

How do I determine Data
Maturity in my company?

Step 1:

Analyze your organization and determine for each topic what level you are at.

Step 2:

Based on your organization’s needs, determine which step will be most beneficial.

Step 3:

Define what sourcing, tools, budget and time is needed to take that step

Step 4:

Set a deadline and set up a project to achieve the desired target levels.

Want to increase data maturity in your business?

Improving Data Maturity in your company can be an intensive and challenging process. NucleusBI specializes in improving Data Maturity in companies. Because we start from our clients’ strategy and develop data solutions accordingly, we can quickly provide scalable and affordable solutions that help your company become data-driven.

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