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Competitive Intelligence

How to keep track of competitors

Competify: NucleusBI's sister company in
Competitive Intelligence

Unveil Your Competitors’ Strategies

With Competify, you gain invaluable insights into your competitors’ pricing and marketing tactics. Did their pricing increase? Now is your time to capitalize on extra sales. Vice versa -> protect your sales from taking a hit when the competition starts offering discounts. Are they running a campaign or increasing loyalty programs? Uncover your competitors’ marketing efforts that may impact the sales and awareness of your own brand. Be the first to know when they enter a new sales or marketing channel and gain the upper hand by responding effectively.

Competitive Intelligence

To stay ahead of the competition, rely on Competify’s cutting-edge competitive intelligence that integrates seamlessly into your marketing and sales insights. By utilizing data on your competitors’ assortment, pricing and marketing strategies, you’ll be able to make informed decisions in the market quickly and efficiently. Manual tracking is no longer sufficient in today’s fast-paced business environment. Our automized data gathering offers numerous advantages:

  • Real-time insights with alerts for any changes
  • Error-free data collection
  • Easy setup with an 8-hour investment total
  • A custom dashboard that consolidates data from various sources, like PowerBI
  • Affordable pricing starting at just €500 per month
  • Flexibility to add new competitors and data sources as needed

‍Join the League of Outperformers

While good companies base their decisions on strategy, performance data and customer insights, outperforming companies incorporate market and competitive insights to gain a true competitive advantage. Elevate your business with Competify and become an outperformer today.