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Set up a data warehouse: Unlock your insights

A data warehouse is the foundation of a good data infrastructure and the start of all your insights, automation and A.I..

Curious about how we can help you get more from your data by setting up your data warehouse?"

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"We help our clients merge, clean, and structure their data from all sources in the right way.

This creates a single source of truth, which can be visualized in a dashboard."

The advantages of Data warehousing

Integrated and structured data

By integrating and structuring all data, it becomes easier to answer complicated questions and identify trends and patterns that otherwise, might be overlooked.

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One source, one truth

When working with different databases and data marts, errors can occur.

A data warehouse minimizes the risk of problems and guarantees accuracy and consistency in your data.

Quicker access to the right information

In the data warehouse, we optimize your data for analysis. This means that users have faster access to the information they need to make business decisions.

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Better decision making

Support your decision-making with data and make decisions with confidence.

Because you gain insights from a Single Source of Truth (SSOT), you make decisions based on the right information, instead of your gut feeling.

Our data warehousing tools

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What our clients say

"We are delighted with NucleusBI's support. It's fun to work with them. They are flexible, think in possibilities and are critical of why you want to build what. It has resulted in a very clear dashboard. We have good insight and can manage our data!"

Fennie Lansbergen - Oogst

Fennie Lansbergen

Founder Oogst

"NucleusBI has been an outstanding partner for Contentoo in building from scratch our data infrastructure. Very impressed by the quality of the work delivered and the professional ways of working. I highly recommend NucleusBI."

Ron van Valkengoed

Ron van Valkengoed

CTO Contentoo

"Looking for a strong business insights partner to help you grow your business? Then I highly recommend working with NucleusBI. "

Onno Halsema

Onno Halsema

CEO Contentoo

"NucleusBI's capabilities are of a very high standard. The cooperation was of very high quality, our requirements were accurately defined and the insights and take-outs were delivered in high quality and at the agreed time."

Bastian Gröppel

Bastian Gröppel

Manager Distribution & Sales Planning Focus bij Kalkhoff Bikes