About us

NucleusBI started in 2020 as the BI solution provider to help companies grow.
We are on a mission to have companies grow their business most effectively. We live in a world where data is available everywhere, and where it is easier than ever to get lost in data. We simplify this complex data landscape until we reach the core of what Business Intelligence and Data Science are all about: Driving growth, whether commercial, customer or financial. Today, we serve customers around Europe with solid analysis and insights that lead to important decisions being made by marketing, finance, and board-level teams.

The Definition of a Nucleus:

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Our Philosophy

Business intelligence is there to make companies perform better. Every insight should lead to better performance, providing tools to steer businesses more effectively.

We put our clients growth ambitions at the core, and focus our analysis on the key management questions to be solved on a continuous or ad-hoc basis.

At NucleusBI we digest complex analysis until it is simple, going to the core of where it is for: To make the right decisions, on automated basis or by management. Which leads to growth.

Our team

The NucleusBI team consists of highly professional data scientists and analysts from around the globe, who are data-savvy, problem solvers, and close collaborators. The NucleusBI founders encourage their team to work wherever they are most comfortable and productive, enjoying a healthy work-life balance and doing what they enjoy most – puzzling with data and hypothesis to find the structures and answers the clients need.
Marijn and Martijn have a solid track-record in driving a business from the customer to the P&L combined with a Business Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence background. They saw the opportunity to build growth driven intelligence team and are currently expanding the team on a quarterly basis.

How we work

Our 5 step approach to growth
  • 1
    First, we discuss the business needs of your company to define what kind of insights you need to drive growth
  • 2
    Level of maturity
    Then, we define the level of data maturity at your company and define the necessary next steps to achieve the growth ambitions
  • 3
    One-page plan
    We will deliver a one-page plan that outlines the support we can provide, underpinned by our first-class data analytics tools
  • 4
    Growth reporting
    We craft the insights that can take your business to the next level.
  • 5
    Depending on your needs – we are available to consult companies on their decisions as part of an ad-hoc or ongoing process