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We build end-to-end business intelligence solutions to help companies grow faster. We deliver resources to suplement your team with data analysts or data scientists.

Our 4 stepped approach to

Build your business intelligence


Select the right technology


Build a data warehouse


Build your growth dashboards


Machine Learning and predictive modelling

Develop your Business Growth through Data.

Increase the power of your team...

Scale-up your resources with NucleusBI

Additional project support

In need for additional resources for a project? You are at the right address. We can deliver data engineers, data scientists and data analysts with the back-ground fitting your project. We have experts with a broad experience in dashboarding, predictive analytics, and business planning. You can replace freelancers with our team, at higher rates and equal effectivity. The longer we are your partner on projects, the more effective our collaboration will become.
Corporate manager checking financial data and reports

About us

Business intelligence is there to make companies perform better. Every insight should lead to better performance, providing tools to steer businesses more effectively. We put our clients growth ambitions at the core, and focus our analysis on the key management questions to be solved on a continuous or ad-hoc basis. The NucleusBI team consists of highly professional data scientists and analysts from around the globe, who are data-savvy, problem solvers, and close collaborators.

What our clients say

"NucleusBI has been an outstanding partner for Contentoo in building from scratch our data infrastructure. Very impressed by the quality of the work delivered and the professional ways of working. I highly recommend NucleusBI."

Ron van Valkengoed

CTO Contentoo

"NucleusBI helps us on a continuous basis to improve our business performance by combining valuable data-sources into business insights. The work is structured, professional and helps Contentoo to grow the business across financial and customer KPI’s. Looking for a strong business insights partner that helps you grow your business, I can highly recommend to work with NucleusBI."

Onno Halsema

CEO Contentoo

"With the help of NucleusBI, we were able to develop forecasts in a highly dynamic market with trend differences per country and segment, identify trends and use this as a basis for decisions on future direction. The company's capabilities are at a very high level. The cooperation was very good in terms of quality, our requirements were meticulously recorded, the contents were discussed together in detail and the insights and take-outs were delivered in high quality and at the agreed time."

Bastian Gröppel

Manager Distribution & Sales Planning Focus bij Kalkhoff Bikes

Why work with us?

Experience with Corporates and MKB/Scale-ups

Practical and hands-on approach

Wide track Record

Used to act on C-level

Senior BI Professionals (>10y experience)

Trusted brands make use of our services