Create insights with dashboarding

If your data is collected, checked and structured, you can use a dashboard for analysis and reporting.

Clear and understandable reports

Insights in finance, marketing, sales, service and products.

Discover patterns and draw conclusions based on a single source of truth

Dashboarding Solutions

The market is constantly changing. What is important today may already be outdated tomorrow. Therefore, it is important to be able to adapt quickly to keep up. This means decisions also need to be made quickly. These can be small decisions, but they can also have a huge impact on your organization.

Some decisions are easier than others. Your intuition and gut feeling sometimes also play a role in this. Data has no emotions, and that is precisely what can help you make choices.

If all the data from all your departments is linked and displayed correctly, you can make informed decisions. You no longer waste time and energy collecting information from different departments. This allows you to keep anticipating quickly, but based on the right information.

Curious which insights you can get from dashboarding?

Do you recognize this?

Reporting is very time-consuming

Fetching data from multiple databases can be very time-consuming. By using a dashboard, you can make reports and analyse data quick and easy.

I want a simple way to get more insights in my business

With a dashboard you see what is happening in your company at a glance. The focus can be on sales, marketing, finance, service or product development.

I don't know what I'm looking at

Your HR team speaks a different language than your markeers. With a dashboard you can simplify your data and display it in an understandable way.

I'm not confident I'm looking at the correct data

By connecting your data with a data warehouse, you're basing your views on a Single Source of Truth. You can be sure, that what you are looking at, is the truth.

Advantages of Dashboarding

Realtime business insights.

The progress of the company can easily be displayed in a dashboard with the main KPIs. Building a cockpit so that everyone sees the same thing helps a (management) team move forward. Through current and historical data, valuable insights can be gained on which decision-making can be based.

The right data

By using data from your data warehouse, you are working with a 'Single Source of Truth' (SSOT). The data from all data sources has been checked, cleaned, and structured, so you can be sure that you are looking at what really happens in your company and analyzing based on the truth. Because your data is based on a 'Single Source of Truth', you have everyone aligned in the same direction in your company.

Reporting and analysis

Dashboards can be used in many ways. The great advantage of using a dashboard based on your complete and consistent data is that it's easy to make your own analysis. It also simplifies creating reports. By using all the data from your company, you can easily and quickly discover certain patterns between departments and act accordingly.

What can we do for you?

Determine your scope

Sometimes it can be challenging to find out what works best for you and your business. We help you make the most important decisions around tooling and which insights we start with.

Plan and budget

Which are the first tasks that need to be finished and what are the costs involved.


We build the dashboards according to your preferences. Together with our insighs you will get more and more insights in your business with less effort.

Our dashboarding tools

What our clients say

"NucleusBI has been an outstanding partner for Contentoo in building from scratch our data infrastructure. Very impressed by the quality of the work delivered and the professional ways of working. I highly recommend NucleusBI."

Ron van Valkengoed

CTO Contentoo

"NucleusBI helps us on a continuous basis to improve our business performance by combining valuable data-sources into business insights. The work is structured, professional and helps Contentoo to grow the business across financial and customer KPI’s. Looking for a strong business insights partner that helps you grow your business, I can highly recommend to work with NucleusBI."

Onno Halsema

CEO Contentoo

"With the help of NucleusBI, we were able to develop forecasts in a highly dynamic market with trend differences per country and segment, identify trends and use this as a basis for decisions on future direction. The company's capabilities are at a very high level. The cooperation was very good in terms of quality, our requirements were meticulously recorded, the contents were discussed together in detail and the insights and take-outs were delivered in high quality and at the agreed time."

Bastian Gröppel

Manager Distribution & Sales Planning Focus bij Kalkhoff Bikes