NucleusBI is ISO 27001:2017 certified

Find out how we ensure your data is safe with us.
Marijn Buizer

Marijn Buizer

Managing Partner Nucleus BI

NucleusBI is ISO 27001 gecertificeerd


We’re more than happy to tell you how your data is safe with us, and how we can help your company grow data-driven.


Data has always been a sensitive topic. If data isn’t handled with care, company data and personal information could end up in the wrong place.

To prevent this, we have embedded data security, integrity and reliability as the key topics in our way of working. We don’t make empty promises around data security and we stand for what we do, especially with your data!

Because of that, we have started the process of getting our company certified according to the ISO 27001:2017 standard. Along with Beschermheren, who have been guiding us through the process of becoming ISO-compliant, we are thrilled to say that on December 21st, 2022, we are officially ISO 27001 certified!

What does ISO 27001 mean?

ISO 27001 is the worldwide standard in information and data security. The implementation of an information security management system (ISMS) is the basis. In the ISMS our data security measures are documented and what security precautions we have taken to ensure data security. With the certification, it is proven that our ISMS is compliant to the ISO 27001 standard.

Beschermheren shared the following feedback about our certification process: “The management has shown ownership on the topics around the ISMS. They have implemented the ISMS in compliance to the ISO standards. With their certification, NucleusBI has proven they are in control of their data and information flow.

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What does the process look like?

Firstly, we have started with researching the ISO 27001 standard on the security aspects and it’s implications on our company.

The next step was taking the necessary safety measures around data security, to ensure all data is safely managed.

Afterwards, we have created the ISMS (information security management system). and set this up. With this we made sure we can develop and build safely and that the data security is in order.

Eventually, Brand Compliance, an institute for certification, has given NucleusBI its ISO 27001: 2017 certificate. To ensure data will remain secure, we have an annual ISO 27001 audit and 4 times a year the upper management has a meeting along with an external party regarding the ISO compliance.

Why is this important for our customers?

For it’s customers, NucleusBI processes an immense amount of data. Financial data, personal information and other sensitive company information. This data is used to help our customers businesses grow, to get all data in sync, connect information systems and to make this data realtime accessible in a data warehouse.

The reports and dashboard we supply to our customers give them valuable insights in the company processes and make it possible for them to make decisions based on data in stead of gut feeling.

By becoming ISO 270901:2017 certified, it has been independently documented that our data safety measures, our way of working and our information security works properly. This way our customers can be sure their data is safe with us!

If you would like to know more about how we can help your company reach datadriven growth, contact us and we will tell you more.

What our clients say

"NucleusBI has been an outstanding partner for Contentoo in building from scratch our data infrastructure. Very impressed by the quality of the work delivered and the professional ways of working. I highly recommend NucleusBI."

Ron van Valkengoed

CTO Contentoo

"NucleusBI helps us on a continuous basis to improve our business performance by combining valuable data-sources into business insights. The work is structured, professional and helps Contentoo to grow the business across financial and customer KPI’s. Looking for a strong business insights partner that helps you grow your business, I can highly recommend to work with NucleusBI."

Onno Halsema

CEO Contentoo

"With the help of NucleusBI, we were able to develop forecasts in a highly dynamic market with trend differences per country and segment, identify trends and use this as a basis for decisions on future direction. The company's capabilities are at a very high level. The cooperation was very good in terms of quality, our requirements were meticulously recorded, the contents were discussed together in detail and the insights and take-outs were delivered in high quality and at the agreed time."

Bastian Gröppel

Manager Distribution & Sales Planning Focus bij Kalkhoff Bikes