Our approach to build Business Intelligence

You want to make the next step, the company is starting to become data driven! We help you to build your Business intelligence based on 5 clear steps.

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The steps...

Your 5 step approach towards Business Intelligence


Determine your goals


Select the right tooling


Build the datawarehouse


Generate insights


Improve your business

Interested in your potential?


Preparation is everything

Determine your goals

Do you want more revenues? Efficient processes? The more specific you determine your B.I. goals, the more gains you will reap from Business Intelligence.
Aanpak Business Intelligence


A solid base will simplify your work later on

Select the right tools

AWS, BigQuery, Azure, PowerBI, Tableau, Thoughtspot, Qliksense: BI Tools are abundant. But which one fits to your company?


Structure and connect your data

Set up your datawarehouse

A crucial step. You are going to load all data from your systems, and you define datamodels with which you generate the right insights.
Aanpak Business Intelligence


For better informed decisions.

Generate the right insights

Automated insights make your company thrive by making informed decisions continuously.
Sample report
Sample report
Sample report
commercial intelligence

Sales & Marketing

Which products sell best? Which marketing channel creates the most value?
financial intelligence


What are the financial trends within your company, and what does that mean for future cashflow?
customer intelligence

Customer Satisfaction

Customers you want to keep, and insights in customer satisfaction is key.


The last step

Improve your company

Once you have insights, improved processes and an overview of the performance of your company, you can start improving your business.
Aanpak Business Intelligence

How to begin?

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Sometimes you need to search to find out what your company needs. We prevent that you make choices now which you might regret later on in the process.

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What can a B.I. platform cost in data and or time? How do you look at offers of suppliers? We help you out.

Implement the insights

Building your new B.I. or dataplatform will be a big project which you might not have done before. In that case- some additional experience on board is nice.


A lot of big companies are quite advanced in data driven work, it simplifies processes, and will assure better informed decision making within the company. Next to that it ensures one can track the goals of the company. Data driven work has become the new standard.
NucleusBI delivers high quality team at very competitive rates. This is because we combine national and international resources. We can start quickly, scale resources easily, and define the right resources for your team.
That depends on how fast the client wants to go. In principle we can start within a month when the necessary paperwork is ready.
Finding the right professionals might be difficult in these times. Thanks to our stellar network and our expertise this will be the least of your worries.

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