Additional Resourcing

NucleusBI provides resources for corporate businesses who need additional data science and data analyst resources for a project, or when some-one goes on maternity leave. High quality resources – at a competitive rate.
Our experts have broad experience in dashboarding, predictive analytics and business planning.

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Scale-up your resources with NucleusBI

Looking for a certain technology? Our dashboard experts work with Qlikview, Thoughtspot, Tableau, Google Data Studio, and PowerBI.

Data analysts

For larger organizations and companies with an intelligence department, we deliver temporary analysts. This can be for project support, or when you are in need for an additional resource for a certain period.

Data scientists

In need of Machine Learning or predictive modelling? Our data scientists can help in a range of predictive modelling, to make business decisions automated, and more effective.

Data Engineers

In need of a new datawarehouse, and missing the capacity to load everything in your datawarehouse. Depending on the technology you use, we might have the right expert for you!

Why choose our BI Experts?

Experience with Corporates and MKB/Scale-ups

Practical and hands-on approach

Wide track Record

Used to act on C-level

Senior BI Professionals (>10y experience)

Our dashboardexperts work with Qlikview, Thoughtspot, Tableau, Google Data Studio and PowerBI.

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